Experienced in General Contracting

Steven MacLeay, owner of Sacred Oak Homes

Owner & Founder Steven MacLeay

As a General Contractor Steven MacLeay has had the privilege of building and remodeling many beautiful homes for many wonderful clients. Each project has inspired him to pay attention to the subtler aspects of spaces; in other words, the presence of a room, or the feeling you get upon entering it. To enhance the harmony, beauty and calmness of a room, Steven works closely with elements of design (e.g. golden ratio, segues from one room to another, choosing the perfect materials for the space, etc.); paying attention to the details, blending of materials, workmanship; and mindfully integrate the new work with original.

When building a new home all of these design elements come in to play to create the vision that was set forth by the Architect. We want you feel at home the first day you walk into your new home or addition.  As a General Contractor Steven can control all the aspects of the building process.  Making sure that all of the materials are of good quality.  He takes pride in every home or room he delivers to his clients.  And his clients come back time and time again to have an additions to there home.

Steven enjoys guiding his clients to clarify their visions and dreams, and once that clarity is reached, he loves co-creating works of art. He believe teamwork and trust are paramount in my client relationships.

Steven offers a great deal of experience, skill, an eye for blending new work to old, and sound advice with deep roots. When needed, he enjoys researching new, innovative products and implementing them. Out of respect and responsibility for our collective home—the planet—Steven builds in harmony with the earth and our local environment whenever possible.