Custom Carpentry


Working with wood is such a rich experience. Wood is always warm to the touch and lends a softness to the space it defines. Each type of wood has different characteristics; Ipe is chocolate colored, extremely dense, strong and never rots; Cedar has a wonderful aroma and can be used as siding for your home or as an aromatic closet liner; Oak is strong, durable and beautiful, and it can be used to frame a barn, build a bridge or a striking piece of furniture. Knowing which wood to use for a particular project and how to work it is experience we’ve gained from our love of carpentry.

At Sacred Oak Homes we hire the best carpentry talent available. Our many cumulative years of experience can accomplish the most detailed and demanding carpentry work with ease. Beautiful, artistic well-executed carpentry workmanship, crafted on-site or in the shop is a specialty of ours. Each project is customized for your home and personality. Whether your project is large, expansive and detailed or modest and economical, we will help you realize your vision and accomplish your goals.

Our breadth of carpentry services is all encompassing, including post-and-beam framing, “stick” framing, panelized walls, fine finish, siding, etc.