How much does it all cost?

The cost of the project depends on both of us.

The final cost of your project depends on your priorities, needs and desires, the method by which we price out the work, the contract type, and any additional changes you elect to make after we begin construction.

Your needs and desires

  1. What do you want to create?

    The clearer you are on what you want to create, the more complete your plans can be. Comprehensive plans enable highly accurate estimates.

  2. How clear and detailed do your plans need to be?

    The type and scope of the project will determine the level of detail needed. For example, a large steel frame storage building will require much less detailed plans than a new home. A new home with elegant finish work will require far more plan details than a home with minimal finish work. A complex remodel may require two sets of plans, one of existing conditions and one of the finished product.

  3. What are your top priorities?

    Between high quality materials, quick completion, and best price, what are your top priorities?

  4. What is your budget?

    It’s important for both of us to know your budget, from the beginning. This number will help us guide you through the estimating process and make the best use or your time and ours.

Additional cost factors

  1. Estimation Method

    Once the above questions are answered, we can choose an estimation method together.

  2. Change orders

    Change orders commonly increase the price of a project. Learn more about change orders here.