Phases of Construction

Building or remodeling structures follows certain logical progressive steps. Some work can be done independently of other work, however, most stages of work follow the critical-path method. This means that a particular stage needs to be finished before the next can start and/or finish.  After the contract is signed and deposit is paid, work can commence. The list below will help illustrate this.  Your questions are always welcome.

  1. Permitting and planning: Plans are submitted for review, approval and permitting. A job schedule is created, initial materials are ordered, subcontractors are contacted and scheduled as the job progresses.
  2. Site preparation:
  3. Excavation and foundation
  4. Framing of building / Windows and Exterior Doors:
  5. Roofing / Siding and Exterior Trim / Exterior Paint and finishes.
  6. Electrical / Mechanical/ Plumbing rough-ins.
  7. Insulation.
  8. Drywall / Plaster
  9. Interior Finish Carpentry / Cabinetry
  10. Interior Painting / Wallpapering and Finishes.
  11. Tile / Countertops / Flooring
  12. Finish Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing / Appliances
  13. Final Inspections and Punch List.
  14. Contract Completion
  15. Move In!