Estimation Methods

We offer hourly services, a fixed price, or a combination of the two.

Cost + a fee

Cost plus a fee entails the base-level project cost plus a fixed fee.

The project cost is determined by how much Sacred Oak Homes pays for materials, subcontractors, and labor. As we incur material and labor costs we invoice you at cost for those items. This allows you to take advantage of our trade discounts and help you secure lower prices than you could get on your own.

Our fee, which comprises overhead + profit, remains fixed. We calculate this fee based on our experience, typical project costs, and estimated length of time.

Benefits: This allows you to get started asap, save money (from our trade discount) and feel secure in knowing the project fee will remain fixed, so long as the scope also remains fixed.

Ideal for:

  • Clients who want to start and finish their project as quickly as possible and cannot make all the final decisions up front.
  • Clients who already know they want to work with Sacred Oak Homes and do not want to go through a competitive bidding process. This estimate option ensures that you’re getting a fair deal on the project costs.

Fixed price

The price and scope of work are fixed. This means the price will not change unless the scope of work changes. We can offer this service for either custom or standard work as long as we have accurate detailed plans and descriptions.

Ideal for: people on a fixed budget with detailed plans

“Ballpark” price

This type of pricing entails our best guess and is based on our many years of experience. It usually includes a low and high range. When the project details are still somewhat fuzzy and final decisions have yet to be made, this type of pricing allows you to start work immediately with a general understanding of the final price. Be aware that total costs can still exceed the ballpark price, as decisions are finalized or if the scope of work changes.

Ideal for: people who have a flexible budget but limited time

Square foot pricing

Utilizes industry estimating software which prices similar work in a similar location. This software is dynamic and changes every quarter based on local and national conditions. Note that small individual projects may cost more per square foot than larger projects, sometimes significantly so. There is also some basic prepatory work for each project regardless of the size.

Ideal for: Standard projects (e.g. steel-frame buildings, insulation, hanging sheetrock, etc) that are of a sufficient size.

Time and Materials

For every hour we work on a project, we charge a fixed hourly rate. In addition, we bill for our costs + an administrative fee (overhead + profit). With this option, based on the project details that you can provide, we will do our best to estimate the project cost.

Ideal for:

  • Smaller projects
  • Emergency projects
  • When project details are almost entirely unknown

The “I’m feeling lucky method”

In this highly detailed process, we throw a dart at a dart board with lots of prices and that’s what you pay!

Ideal for: gamblers, enlightened individuals, and anyone who does not believe in a monetary system.