How long does it take to build a house?
The length of time varies considerably due to many factors, such as: the size of your home, project complexity, building location, the weather, etc. A typical time period for building a new home is 9-12 months; however, keep in mind that the time can be much longer.
How long does it take to remodel a home?
The minimum time for a typical remodel is 2-3 months, but again this can vary considerably. Small jobs will be completed much more quickly, whereas some remodels are very extensive and can last more than a year.
Do I need an architect?
After meeting with you and reviewing your needs, we can advise you on this. If you are in need of an architect, we can provide appropriate recommendations.
Why should I hire a General Contractor?
  • What General Contracting entails

    General contracting involves:

    • Creating and managing the project schedule
    • Overseeing, managing, and taking responsibility for the work
    • Managing the finances and maintaining proper licenses, insurances and permits for the project.
  • The challenges of doing it yourself

    To be a good general contractor, you need to have a thorough working knowledge of all trades involved, the time necessary to oversee the entire project, and strong leadership, management, and organizational skills.

    If you are missing any of these qualities, it is very possible your project may take longer, work may need to be corrected later down the line, and your costs may be higher.

  • The benefits of working with an experienced General Contractor

    An experienced general contractor can avoid potential pitfalls and guide the team successfully through the construction process. This will eliminate unnecessary delays and costly mistakes. They can educate you on the best materials to use and hire efficient and competent workers. A good general contractor knows and understands the tricks of the trade that streamline the building process. Ultimately, working with a general contractor will allow you to relax and attend to your life while the team builds your home.

  • Hiring Sacred Oak Homes will save you money, time and reduce stress vs. doing it yourself.

    Sacred Oak Homes will manage the flow of your project efficiently and professionally. Construction can be a complicated process and you will benefit from our experience. We will create a project schedule on day one that will enable everyone to work together harmoniously and effectively, and we will maintain and update that schedule as the job proceeds. One of the most important components to effective orchestrating is knowing when to deploy. The job needs to flow in a certain order and some parts can be run simultaneously while others cannot. We check in with our subcontractors and suppliers on a regular internal schedule to make sure the project doesn’t suffer unnecessary delays.

    It’s about what you know AND who you know. We have established strong relationships with many local, independent and skilled tradespeople. To do this, we assemble a team of talented and committed individuals (i.e. subcontractors, employees and suppliers) and guide the team on the path to successful job completion.

    Sacred Oak Homes has enormous experience, resources and talent available to get your job done. We support and encourage each other throughout your project and we will produce beautiful results that you can take pride and comfort in. Sacred Oak Homes will inspect and take responsibility for all our work.

Why submit a change orders formally?
It’s natural to have casual conversations with the people working on your home. When you have ideas for changes you’d like to make, no matter how big or small, bring them to us directly, Sacred Oak Homes will then submit a formal change order based on your request that will ensure a number of things:

  1. You will gain an accurate understanding of the cost of the work requested.
  2. Higher likelihood that we will accurately understand your request.
  3. We can adjust the work schedule to most efficiently accommodate the change in plans.
  4. We will have the opportunity to discuss the pros, cons, and other options.

To learn more about change orders, click here.

How much funding should be set aside for change orders?
We typically recommend keeping 10% of the estimated project cost in reserve for change orders. This percentage will vary based on the your personal preferences and job conditions. To learn more about the nature of change orders, click here