Our Request

We ask that you work collaboratively


We want to understand you, your vision, needs, goals, and priorities as accurately as possible. The more information you can share with us, the better we can serve you. We do our best to create a open and receptive atmosphere, so please talk to us about anything that comes up, at any point during the project.
There’s an old adage in construction: There are 3 possible aspects to every job—speed, price and quality. You get to control two of these aspects. The third is driven by your choice of the other two. For example, if you want a home built quickly and with high-quality materials, then the price of that work will necessarily be higher. If price and and speed are your priorities, the quality of materials will need to be lower. If you want high-quality materials and a low price then, the project will take longer to complete. Sometimes other contractors may try to save their clients money by offering lower quality craftsmanship. Sacred Oak Homes’ high-quality craftsmanship will always remain high, even if low price is one of your priorities.

This is an appointed representative who interfaces with us regarding all the work. While we encourage spouses and partners to mutually participate in discussions, walk-throughs, etc., we request that all official communications come by way of the point person in order to maintain clear and accurate communication.
There may be a number of tradespeople working on your project at once, and as you get to know them, you may naturally fall into conversation about the aspect of the job they are working on. During conversations like this, it’s common to come up with ideas for slight modifications to the current plans or ideas for additional work. If you ask the tradesperson or subcontractor to alter their work, a number of consequences will likely unfold. For example, the subcontractor will bill Sacred Oak Homes (and consequently we will need to bill you) for fulfilling the change order request. The change order may also alter the job schedule. Thus, to ensure the best possible outcome, please submit your change order requests—even the casual ones!—directly to the site supervisor. Read more about this on our FAQs page.

*** One of the most common causes of scope creep and price increase comes from change orders. What may surprise you is that most change orders come from the client. Click here to learn more about change orders.


Actively participate, or provide an owner’s representative to act in your stead. We ask you (or a representative) to take an active role in your project to ensure it goes according to plan. We want you to evaluate work proposals, review drawings, and engage in discussions, read plan descriptions, assess budgets, etc. and make sure they match your vision and expectations.
We have experienced subcontractors working on the job and they sometimes come up with great ideas to enhance or improve your project. If you are open and receptive to new ideas and opportunity all along the way, your project could benefit and you could save time and money.
Know that this is an organic and dynamic process. Projects of large magnitude take time, and time often involves change and unexpected circumstances.
It’s paramount that the point person is available for meetings and discussions so that the project can progress on schedule. Please make sure the point person has the time to meet on a regular basis.
We all enjoy communicating in unique ways, from spontaneous phone calls to scheduled in-person meetings. Let us know what your preferred mode and frequency of communication is, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Be Responsible

When we’re first getting started, let us know what your realistic budget is, so that we can make recommendations along the lines of what you can afford. Additionally, if your budget suddenly changes during the project, let us know immediately. There is a critical point of no-return in every construction stage after which the work must be completed. Letting us know that your budget has changed will help us re-evaluate and reconsider the work to be done, so that we can most effectively accommodate your new budgetary needs.
Out of courtesy to all the individuals involved in building your project, please ensure that you have sufficient means to fund the project in its entirety. This includes having a recommended reserve for the inevitable change orders.
Paying on time is part of the critical-path method and is vital to completing your job on time.
If you become aware of problems or issues, regarding any party participating in the project, please bring them up as soon as you become aware of them so we can maintain the integrity of the job and the schedule.