Our Promise to Communicate and Build Quality

We believe that the most successful projects are built collaboratively.

Your ideas + our expertise + clear communication + total integrity = the recipe for realizing your project in a harmonious fashion.

What follows is an outlining of our comprehensive commitment to you. Please read Our Request page to learn more about the commitment we ask you to make.

Sacred Oak Homes promises to provide:

Quality & Thoroughness

[accordion title=”Hire the most qualified individuals that your budget can afford”]We will negotiate on your behalf with our craftspeople and suppliers to give you the best price possible while maintaining fair wages and profits.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Stay up-to-date on on innovative building science”]We continually educate ourselves so that we can inform you of the best choices for building methods, materials and codes. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Maintain focus and integrity throughout the whole building process”]This ranges from keeping a neat and tidy work space to respectfully using the best quality materials and labor. Learn more about how we do this on our How we work page. [/accordion]


[accordion title=”Support the environment”]We constantly look for innovative ways to respect and sustain our environment. For example, we:

  • Locally source our building materials, which reduces our carbon footprint, keeps money in the community, and reduces shipping and fuel costs and lowers pollution and waste.
  • Offer Energy Star testing and certification of your home. This increases your building’s energy efficiency, reduces fuel costs, and makes you eligible for federal and local tax credits.
  • Utilize LEED-certified building methods. For example; geo-thermal heat sources, solar voltaic power sources, and recycled and sustainably-produced products, etc.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Support the livelihood of our local craftsmen and suppliers”]We strive to work with suppliers and contractors within a 30 mile radius of your site as a way to support the community. [/accordion]

Collaborate and Communicate

[accordion title=”We respect you”]Everyone has their own unique values, individual priorities, and personal communication styles. We take time and listen with an open mind to get to know you, your personality, and what’s important to you. [/accordion] [accordion title=”One of our goals is to create a safe and open environment”]We want you to express your feelings openly and honestly. It’s natural for concerns or doubts to arise in any project, especially a project as large and personal as building your own home. We are open, receptive, patient, and respectful of your concerns and feelings and invite you to share them freely. In our discussions together, we set aside a comfortable amount of time so you can adequately express yourself.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Offer expert solutions with honesty, humility, and integrity”]We offer you our expert advice and opinions so you can make informed decisions. If we don’t have direct experience with the item in question, we will take the time to research and learn, consult experts in the area in question, etc. before getting back to you. We will clearly communicate what these solutions look like, how much they will cost and how they will be implemented (time, materials, etc). We employ a variety of communication methods to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what we are envisioning for you, from cost estimates, hand-drawn sketches and CAD renderings to written descriptions, physical mock-ups and third-party websites.[/accordion]