About Us

About Sacred Oak Homes

We have been building and remodeling homes and businesses throughout the Berkshires and surrounding areas since 1990. Throughout this time, we have developed a number of relationships with skilled and local artisans, craftspeople, and suppliers. We draw on those connections and many years of experience to provide you with the best quality and service possible.

At Sacred Oak Homes, we cultivate a collaborative environment to most effectively help you realize your building goals. Throughout our projects, we engage in clear and open communication with you, your architects, and our subcontractors; create and maintain an efficient project schedule; bring awareness and mindfulness to all our efforts. Essentially, we work hard to ensure that you have a rich and rewarding experience while working with us.

Who we serve

We enjoy working with team-oriented individuals, couples, and businesses in a respectful, open and honest manner. Because we respect the earth and our environment, we appreciate working with conscious and responsible clients who share similar values.

Sacred Oak Homes primarily serves southern Berkshire County and Hampshire County in Massachusetts. 

About Oak Trees

Old Oak Trees (Quercus Robor) were venerated and used by the Druids, Ovates and Bards and later by the Kings and the Church for important meetings and ceremonies. They were planted to mark boundaries because of their longevity and strength to endure for hundreds of years. Once their lumber was used as the main construction material for houses, churches, and ships as it was strong and durable.

In the Celtic Ogham alphabet, the letter Duir is the Oak. Duir comes from the Gaelic and Sanskrit word meaning “door”. Oaks are associated not only with the doors of our homes but as doors to inner strength, inner spirituality, and other worlds. It’s said that sitting with an Oak tree will soothe the nervous system and help you solve knotty problems. Sacred Oak Homes was founded on the principles of the Oak: strength, longevity, wisdom and renewed life.